Mobile Workshops

Participants explored how Seoul Metropolitan Government achieved its ambitious sustainability goals and environmental targets through over 14 on-site workshop sessions across the city (see Day-by-day Program for more information).

Low-carbon city: Seoul Energy Dream Center; Amsa Photovoltaic Power Plant; Sipjaseong Neighborhood Programs

BiodiverCity: Seoul Forest

EcoMobility: BRT TOPIS (Bus Rapid Transit & Transportation Operation and Information Service)

Sustainable agriculture & local foods: Urban Agriculture in Gangdong-gu (Full as of 15 March, no capacity at this time)

Water management: Cheonggye Stream Restoration Project; Arisu Water Purification Center

Waste management: Mapo Resource Recovery Facility; Seoul Resource Center

Integrated urban planning: World Cup Park

Participatory planning: Jangsu Neighborhood Programs

City-research partnerships: Think Tanks for Cities (Full as of 15 March, no capacity at this time)