Presentations from the ICLEI Researchers’ Symposium

April 8: Performance Driven Sustainability & Think Tanks for Cities

3D measurement of urban greenness implications for local landscape management
Youngkeun Song, Seoul National University

Public involvement for green transport and walkable streets in South Korea
Nam Cheol Baik, Korea Institute of Construction Technology

The Telos approach in measuring local sustainability
John Dagevos, Telos Centre for Sustainable Development (Tilburg)

Urban pressure points
Katleen de Flander, IASS Potsdam

Eco-City Frameworks at a crossroads: Developing international standards
Mark Roseland & Maria Spiliotopoulou, Simon Fraser University

Place, identity, and design process: Towards the regenerative city
David Galloway, Ferart (Australia)

Evaluating Urban Productivity: Designing precinct-scale green infrastructure
Vanessa Rauland, Curtin University

The Productive City and its parts: Urban fabric and urban footprint
Giles Thomson, Curtin University

Children’s experiences of urban biodiversity and water
Claire Freeman, University of Otago

Multi-level governance in creating a Smart city: ‘Songdo International City’
Youngah Guahk, IN-EAST (Duisburg-Essen University)

Improving eco-mobility through Transit Oriented Development in Jabodetabek
Hayati Sari Hasibuan, University of Indonesia

Driving urban sustainability innovations: From think tanks to urban transition labs
Marc Wolfram, Yonsei University


April 11: Inter-sectoral urban development & implementing SDG’s at the urban level

Socio-technical transition and city-to-city (C2C) cooperation among Green Cities
Daniel Kim, Green Technology Center (Republic of Korea)

New tools for the development of Sustainable Energy Systems for Cities & Regions
Gerhard Stryi-Hipp, ISE Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems

Urban sustainable development issues of Peruvian planning practitioners
Jessica Pineda-Zumaran, United Nations University (Tokyo)

Lessons from implementing sustainable development polices in Indonesian cities
Mahesti Okitasari, United Nations University (Tokyo)

Our Food Network Dunedin: Alternative food initiative or alternative food movement?
Sean Connelly, University of Otago

Supporting the growth-wellbeing nexus in sustainable development
Lai Choo Malone-Lee, Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities

‘Nudging’ the city: Analysis of leverage points for reduction of urban footprint
Fouad Khan, WWF & Luc Hoffman Institute

Financing infrastructure in African cities
Corrine Cash, African Climate Finance Hub

Relationship between urban biodiversity and land use in central Shanghai
Jing Gan, Tongji University

Sustainable mobility governance challenges in Spain
Nieves Nazaret Pérez García, TRAGSA Group (Spain)

Implementing sustainable community plans
Amelia Clarke, University of Waterloo