Session A3: What is a smart city?


Smart Cities analyse, monitor and optimize their urban systems, be they physical (e.g. energy, water, waste, transportation and polluting emissions) or social (e.g. social and economic inclusion, governance, citizen participation), through information feedback mechanisms. Their goal is to continuously learn, adapt and improve the sustainability cohesion, responsiveness, governance and performance of social, economic and physical systems.

Following an introduction from ICLEI, expert contributors will put forward a series of short, strong statements outlining varying interpretations of a smart city. This will lead into a moderated panel discussion which will see local government representatives with experience in smart city initiatives debate the local application of the smart city term.


Background material:
ICLEI Strategic Plan – Smart Cities Agenda (draft for adoption by the ICLEI Council on 10 April 2015)

Upcoming event:
ICLEI City-Business Talks @ Metropolitan Solutions, 20-22 May, 2015 in Berlin, Germany


Download the PDF description as of 8 April 2015

Stockholm: A Smarter City
Gunnar Söderholm, Director of Environment and Health Administration, City of Stockholm

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