ICLEI Congress 2015 Dinner & Earth Hour City Challenge Award (Invitation Only)

Languages: EN, KO, CH (consecutive translation)

Dinner on invitation of the Mayor Won Soon Park, including the Earth Hour City Challenge 2015 Award Ceremon in cooperation with  WWF who recognizes and rewards 13 cities from around the globe for inspiring and ambitious actions on climate change.

  • Yeon Hee Park, Director, ICLEI Korea
  • Jean-Paul Paddack, International Business Development Director, WWF International, Gland, Switzerland

Buses are available from 22:00 onwards to take participants back to hotels close to DDP and Seoul City Hall.



Location: Floating Islands Date: 9 April 2015 Time: 20:00 - 22:00 Gino Van Begin Gino Van Begin Konrad Otto Zimmermann Konrad Otto-Zimmermann Jeb Brugmann Jeb Brugmann