Session A4: Urban NEXUS approaches to integrated cities

The Urban NEXUS is an approach to the design of integrated urban development solutions, optimizing the management of natural, economic and social/human resources across sectors. The approach counters sectoral thinking and divided responsibilities and encourages collaborative, concerted approaches in society, public administration and policy making. Achieving “more with less” and optimizing resources – such as energy, water and food – requires policies, management and technical solutions that integrate two or more systems, services, policy or operational “silos” and jurisdictions.

The Urban NEXUS represents an important institutional agenda for all levels of government to significantly reduce isolated, uncoordinated and ultimately inefficient sectoral urban development approaches in the long term.
Project cities from various parts of Asia will share their experiences of the concrete steps that need to be taken to operationalize the Urban NEXUS in urban development and resource management thinking and practice.

Envisaged outcomes
This session sets out to achieve the following:
1- Profile the Urban NEXUS approach, methodological framework and technologies
2- Present platforms and methodologies used by Urban Nexus project in Asia to institutionalize NEXUS thinking (e.g. conducting national-local dialogues, nexus institutional mapping, peer-to-peer learning, looking at gender considerations vis-à-vis the nexus) (ICLEI Southeast Asia and GIZ)
3- Shared experiences from projects in cities
4- Lessons learned for further operationalizing and institutionalizing the Urban NEXUS

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Introduction to the Urban Nexus approach
Ruth Erlbeck, Project Director, Integrated Resource Management in Asian Cities, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)

Integrated Resources Management in Asian Cities: The Urban Nexus Project with GIZ and UNESCAP – The Santa Rosa City Experience
Erlinda Creencia, City Environment Officer, Santa Rosa City, Philippines

Integrated Planning Resource-efficient & Productive City