Session B3: Sustainable Waste Management


The growth of consumption based societies all over the world has brought about significant increases in waste production. Simultaneously, municipalities must treat a waste mix which becomes ever more complex. Waste reduction, re-use and recycling facilities are steadily becoming more innovative, integrated and systematized. However, where solid waste management practices are in place, the final step is often disposal in landfill sites. These facilities conventionally fail to harness the potential of waste as an energy and material resource. This session will showcase local governments who are piloting innovative, integrated waste solutions including waste-to-energy, waste reduction strategies and resource-recycling initiatives. Best practice cases from the global north and global south will share how innovative policies are tapping into the potential of waste as a resource for energy and raw materials, which supporting social sustainability and the green economy. Following a series of city presentations, a panel will lead participations through a question and answers session, which will explore key issues to discuss, including:

  • What high-tech and low-tech solutions have local governments successfully implemented to achieve waste reduction targets while supporting the local green economy and promoting social sustainability?
  • How can municipalities successfully mobilize behavioural change of citizens and business to reduce waste?
  • What innovative waste recovery systems can be put in place to introduce resource feedback loops and developing a circular economy?
  • How can waste management be integrated with other municipal responsibilities to secure greater operational efficiencies and synergies?
  • How can municipalities work with local businesses and households to transform materials for landfill into new resources?

Envisaged outcomes

Participants will develop their understanding of:

  • Innovative systems for waste management
  • How pioneering cities have put waste reduction strategies at the top of the political agenda
  • The impacts of implementing innovative and sustainable waste management


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Waste to Management Biofuels Facility

Don Iveson, Mayor, Edmonton, Canada
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