Session B5: Local and National Government Cooperation for Green Technology and Sustainable Development

This session will feature the experiences from local governments working with national government agencies and international technical capacity-building institutions on issues including city-city cooperation, capacity building and low-carbon infrastructure or green city development.
The session participants will be informed on the collaborative structures, partnership models, and lessons learned from implemented cooperative programs/projects at the local and national level which have proved successful in delivering tangible outcomes for local sustainability.
In sharing experiences on how to effectively work with national government and international capacity-building partners, this session sets out to strengthen local efforts to secure collaboration from national and international partners.


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Green Technology Center’s Framework and Activities for Green Technology & Local Sustainable Development
Mr. Hyung-Ju KIM, Director, Green Technology Center, South Korea

Green Village Development: Concepts and Case Studies
Mr. Heekwan LEE, Professor, Incheon National University, South Korea

Green Development Projects: The cases of Bantayan Island & Mongolia
Mr. Chang-Sun JANG, Researcher, Green Technology Center, South Korea

Low Carbon City