Session B7: Earth Hour City Challenge: Cooking Up a Storm of Sustainability

Organized in partnership with: WWF Earth Hour City Challenge

Cities around the globe are taking sustainability to a whole new level, and developing inspiring solutions to many of our greatest urban challenges. The multitude and diversity of these ideas and strategies provide a smorgasbord of solutions from which cities can pick and choose based on what best suits their own local context.
In this session Earth Hour City Challenge 2015 finalists will share their recipes for the creation of urban infrastructures that promote and support sustainable lifestyles around the globe. These progressive cities will disclose the secret ingredients of their climate strategies, and how they blend together to overcome barriers in the transition toward a future powered by renewable, sustainable energy. Speakers will focus on their cities’ most important contribution to the smorgasbord of urban solutions.
Eight finalist cities will hold brief presentations which convey the transformative work of their innovative policies and projects. The inspirational civic leadership will stimulate local decision-makers to foster innovation and explore mechanisms that lead to new solutions.
Join us for a feast of inspiration!

Envisaged outcomes

  • Showcase examples of how visionary leadership has enabled cities to achieve sustainability milestones
  • Gain insight on how an integrated approach to urban planning can create more attractive, climate-smart cities while solving environmental and social problems simultaneously
  • Illustrate the progress that can be achieved when bold local leadership and good governance spearhead innovative approaches to local sustainability


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Jose Luis Romero Morales, Director of Planning and Projects, Puebla, Mexico

Andrea Reimer, Deputy Mayor, Vancouver, Canada

Low Carbon City