Session B8: Urban Agriculture: Cities Feeding People

Individuals, businesses, communities and local governments across the world are responding to the growing disconnect between urban populations and their food supply through the establishment of urban- and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) projects. This happens within a wider debate on city region food systems and on resilient food systems for cities. In both debates is ICLEI strongly engaged.
In addition to transforming underused urban plots into a sustainable local food supply, new city region food systems have been proven to enhance social cohesion, increase civic engagement and provide beneficial ecosystem services.
Local governments have a variety of roles to play to support the planning and implementation of sustainable urban food production, ensuring resilient food systems and fostering the city-region relations to the benefit of both. Successful cases of local government and community-driven projects will be presented.

Envisaged outcomes
This session will:

  • Raise the theme of Urban Agriculture within ICLEI (see also the ICLEI Agenda on “productive cities” in the Strategic Plan 2015-2021)
  • Provide outstanding examples of Urban Agriculture
  • Demonstrate how local governments can work with local and regional partners
  • Motivate more ICLEI Members to start action in this field
  • Establish an Urban Agriculture Cities network as ICLEI community


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Urban Vegetable Gardens Network: Promoting local food production in multifunctional projects

Catarina Freitas, Head of Department, Sustainable Environmental Management and Planning, Almada, Portugal


 Eco-friendly urban agriculture for a sustainable city

Hae-sik Lee, Mayor, Gangdong-gu Municipal Government, Republic of Korea


Urban-rural food cooperation

Mustafa Tunç Soyer, Mayor, Seferihisar Municipality, Turkey 

Resource-efficient & Productive City