Session C6: Metropolitan areas: How governance models can support sustainable city-region-city relations

Coordination between local authorities within the city-region or metropolitan area offers more efficient, effective, and coordinated solutions to major urban sustainability challenges. Early adopters of city-region cooperation models show that the potential benefits include greater operational synergies, reduced unnecessary competition, and less duplication of administration and services between authorities. Local governments with advanced experiences of city-region cooperation within metropolitan areas will outline the opportunities, and challenges of implementing this approach.

Participants will develop their understanding of:
• Metropolitan areas as a sort of city-region cooperation
• The advantages of working together in a metropolitan area with concrete examples
• The governance implications of this form of metropolitan cooperation.


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City-region cooperation on watershed Management
Tsutomu Nagata, Director, Environmental Bureau, Kumamoto City, Japan

Regional Governance: Case Study of Taipei Public Transportation in Low Carbon and Sustainable Development
Chou Li-fang, Deputy Mayor, Taipei City Government, Chinese Taipei

Sustainable Regions
Location: DDP, Fashion Art Hall Date: 11 April 2015 Time: 14:00 - 15:30 Kobie Brand g.gough Geoff Gough Tsutomu Nagata Tsutomu Nagata Li_Fang_Chou Li Fang Chou