Session D1: 100% Renewable Cities: Towards A New Paradigm

Local governments around the world prove that 100% Renewable Energy is viable and beneficial for societies. They are actively leading the transition away from conventional fuels towards a renewable energy future that is secure, cost-competitive, using diversified renewable energy (RE) sources and which has the potential to create many local jobs. (Re)discover local renewable energy potentials, optimize energy efficiency and minimize energy demand – this combination is for any city to reduce its systemic dependence on conventional fossil fuels.
By exploring, planning, retrofitting and redesigning the approach to energy demand, energy generation, and energy storage – using intelligent concepts, smart grids, smart policies and technologies – local governments map a new pathway, also using more decentralized energy concepts.
This session will address how cities get to set such ambitious targets and show practical examples of how local governments can drive this forward while stimulating green growth and overcoming technical, legislative, economic and political challenges.
We will also prepare the launch of the new ICLEI 100% Renewable Energy ICLEI Community (network).

Envisaged outcomes

  • Concepts of 100% Renewables, the different types of RE sources and technologies and examples from different regions are shared.
  • Reporting in cCR, the carbon Climate Registry is encouraged.
  • A catalogue of indicators on what 100% RE means will be shared
  • The Earth Hour City Challenge, as a way to stimulate competition between cities – also in unfolding their renewable energy potential is known.
  • Launch of the 100% Renewable Cities ICLEI community.

Download the PDF description as of 7th April 2015



Malmö–steering the course towards 100% renewable energy
Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Lord Mayor, City of Malmö, Sweden

Vancouver on its way towards 100%RE
Andrea Reimer, Councilor, City of Vancouver, Canada

Low Carbon City