Session D4: Smart City Solutions

A smart city is not just smart technology. A smart city is a city which can provide- with fewer resources- more efficiency, more services for its citizens and a higher quality of life in a rapidly urbanizing world.
As cities move towards becoming smart cities, the potential of not only ICT and data, but also intellectual and social capital is key in finding new solutions to longstanding challenges.
Innovative cities are making new connections with business and other partners to link up data sets and service providers, pool knowledge bases and unlock social capital to find new solutions.
This session will balance the theoretical underpinnings and definition of a smart city debated in session A3 with real life examples of how this label is applied in practice.
What good practices can be shared from cities working under the term smart city? What outstanding examples can be shared of cities harnessing technology to gather data, set standards and measure performance? What smart solutions are available across the spectrum of fiscal and resource environments with the potential to transform the urban experience?

Envisaged outcomes
Participants will develop their understanding of:

  • Diversity of approaches to Smart City implementation
  • Impacts of smart city solutions on sustainable urban development


Background material:
ICLEI Strategic Plan – Smart Cities Agenda (draft for adoption by the ICLEI Council on 10 April 2015)

Upcoming event:
ICLEI City-Business Talks @ Metropolitan Solutions, 20-22 May, 2015 in Berlin, Germany


Download the PDF description as of 7th April 2015


OPTIMUS Smart City Project
Siegfried Zöllner, Coordinator, Sustainable Resources, Climate & Resilience, ICLEI Europe

Malmö on the road – Experiences and the way
Roland Zinkernagel, EU Coordinator and Sustainability Strategist, City of Malmö, Sweden

K-water, Smart Water city in Paju

Chang Hyun Jo, Professor of K-Water Academy

Integrating smart city solutions with sustainable development
Michael Rama, Mayor, Cebu City, Philippines

Smart City