Sub-Plenary 8: Driving Sustainable Public Procurement on the Global Stage


Please note this session is taking place in Design Seminar 1, Design Lab.

Pressing issues that cities face today require public authorities to work with the market to develop sustainable and innovative solutions, rather than viewing the market as unchangeable. Public procurement is one such response.  To help drive the transition to sustainable production and consumption, ICLEI and the City of Seoul are launching a network of high-achieving cities to globally promote and encourage sustainable procurement.

Pekka Sauri, Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki, Finland; Member of the ICLEI Global Executive Committee

Arab Hoballah, Chief UNEP/DTIE Sustainable Consumption and Production Branch, UNEP – United Nations Environment Programme, Paris, France

Welcome by the Vice Mayor of Seoul

  • Hyo-sung Jung, Vice Mayor, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Republic of Korea; Member of the ICLEI Regional Executive Committee East Asia

The importance of sustainable and innovation procurement

  • Mark Hidson, Deputy Regional Director, ICLEI European Secretariat, Freiburg, Germany

Facilitated discussions on how lead cities from different world regions have put procurement on the political agenda and are implementing it in practice

  • Sungwoo Stanley Seok, Office Director, Sustainability Strategy Office, Korean Institute of Technology and Innovation (KEITI), Korea
  • Morten Kabell, Mayor of Technical- and Environmental affairs, City of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Pex Langenberg, Deputy Mayor for Port, Sustainability, Mobility and Governance, City of Rotterdam, Netherlands; Member of the ICLEI European Regional Executive Committee
  • Johannes van der Merwe, Mayoral Committee Member for Energy, Environmental and Spatial Planning, Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa
  • Mark Hidson, Deputy Regional Director, ICLEI European Secretariat, Freiburg, Germany

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Location: DDP, Design Seminar 1 Date: 11 April 2015 Time: 16:00 - 17:30 Arab Hoballah Arab Hoballah hyo-sung jung Hyo-sung Jung mark hidson Mark Hidson Johannes Van Der Merwe Johannes Van Der Merwe morten_cut Morten Kabell Pex Langenberg Pex Langenberg