Urban Nature 5: Biodiversity and water within an urban landscape

Purpose: Introducing the landscape approach from a city perspective, through case studies,  examples and targeted problem-solving.

Prof. Yu Xinxiao, Deputy Secretary General, Beijing Forestry Society; Partnership for Megacities and Watershed Protection (PMWP) (10 min)
Biodiversity and water in the landscape approach
Roland White, Lead Urban Specialist, African Region, The World Bank (10 min)
Green urban development in Africa – an ecosystem services valuation study for planning

This session will involve speed presentations of 7 min each, followed by the opportunity for the audience to engage with each in more detail – each speaker will have a corner of the room with whiteboard/poster and the delegates will have the opportunity to engage with 3 of the 4 presenters (20 min x 3 = 60 min).

Grant Pearsell, Director, Parks and Biodiversity, Urban Planning and Environment, Sustainable Development, Edmonton, Canada
Emerald Crescent Parkway – incorporating urban wetlands into a new development
Dr Cathy Oke, Councillor, Chair Transport Portfolio, Deputy Chair Environment Portfolio, City of Melbourne, Australia
Contemporary participation based approaches to managing the urban landscape
Stephen Granger, Major Programmes and Projects, Environmental Resource Management, Cape Town, South Africa
Partnerships around an urban river corridor
Attorney Leticia Clemente, City Budget Officer and Designate Investment Officer, Baguio, Philippines
Transboundary water management

Urban Nature
Location: Welfare Centre, 4th Floor Date: 12 April 2015 Time: 09:00 - 11:00 Andre Mader Andre Mader grant.pearsell Grant Pearsell Roland White Roland White