Emani Kumar

Kumar is ICLEI’s first Deputy Secretary General from an Asian developing country. Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in the areas of climate change policy and planning, local governance, renewable energy and energy efficiency, social accountability, systems management and auditing.

Kumar is the founding Executive Director of ICLEI South Asia. Since 2005, he has been looking after the strategic development of ICLEI in South Asia region and coordinating several multi-year projects and research work related to various ICLEI goals/agendas.

As Asia is gaining increasing relevance in urban sustainable development, climate adaptation and mitigation, Kumar envisions to make the region more reachable and to address the current gap between developing and developed countries at the management level in his role as ICLEI’s new Deputy Secretary General.

ICLEI Deputy Secretary General; Regional Director, ICLEI South Asia Secretariat

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