Geoff Gough

Councilor, Manningham City Council

Councilor Gough believes community wellbeing is about realizing our residents’ aspirations and that Council needs to listen, consult and act with integrity, provide responsible representation to the community and deal with each issue on its merits. He would like to ensure that Manningham Council is efficient and well run and he believes Council needs to refocus on the things that matter, including upgrading roads, footpaths, drains, public parks, sporting and community facilities.

In particular, he is interested in improving our streetscapes and parks, ensuring that Council assets are well maintained and that we continue to create facilities that meet the needs of our community groups, sporting clubs and residents. He is keen to ensure that higher density is limited to our designated zones and Manningham’s public open space is protected.

As well as serving on numerous Council committees, Cr Gough was Vice President of the Municipal Association of Victoria after being first elected to the Board in 2005. He was also a Victorian representative on the Australian Local Government Association Board and a board member of the Victorian Interpreting and Translation Services Inc.

He is currently Chairman of the Victorian Adaption & Sustainability Partnership Ministerial Advisory Committee. Cr Gough worked in education for 32 years, particularly in the area of special education, and now runs business skills training programs. He is the Chair of the Open Space and Streetscape Design Advisory Committee and a member of the Audit Committee.

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