Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego

Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia; ICLEI Global Executive Committee

Mayor Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego has led various environmental initiatives that have been recognized nationally and internationally by various UN agencies and private sector bodies. His vision of addressing climate change has led Bogotá to adapt itself to address climate change through land use around water resources, downtown area revitalization, the transition of the fleet of public buses to clean technologies, the defense of the hills and moors, the implementation of a new model of garbage disposal, his defense of animals, among others.
Under his leadership, he has promoted internationally the Roadmap of Latin American Cities for Resilience as a platform for knowledge sharing for the cities of the region on the issues of resilience, which in turn prompted the Alliance for Water with the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City to work around strategic projects in this field. Finally, his initiatives may influence other cities nationally and internationally who intend to join the ICLEI network in addition to providing knowledge that contributes to the discussion and reflection on climate change and resilience within the network. He is serving as an ICLEI Global Executive member of Latin America and Caribbean.

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