Mauricio Rodas

Mayor of Quito, Equador; ICLEI Global Executive Committee

As Mayor of Quito, Mauricio Rodas is committed to lead and implement policy development, execute plans that contribute with the achievement of sustainable development. Quito has developed three footprints: ecological, carbon and hydric. This footprint is leading our current development plan as a transverse tool to support and connect all others. Our environmental agenda is strong promoting innovating vision for solid waste management, energy efficiency, conservation of natural resources, climate change adaptation and resilience, conservation of water and air quality control. Quito is pioneering a program for reducing and compensating footprints as a Distinction”Quito, sustainable city “. This distinction is for industries, neighborhoods and citizens who contributes to decrease any footprint. He is also the ICLEI Global Executive Committee member of Latin America and Caribbean.

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