Wayne Walker

Councilor, Auckland Council, New Zealand

Wayne Walker is an Albany Ward Councillor of the Auckland City Council and Chair of the Environment, Climate Change, and Natural Heritage Committee.

Wayne Walker was born and raised in Auckland and has lived there all his live. He lives in the coastal community of Whangaparaoa in the Albany Ward.

As chair of Auckland Council’s Environment, Climate Change, and Natural Heritage Committee, Wayne has been leading Auckland Council’s Low Carbon Action Plan through the development and now implementation stages.

Wayne is a passionate advocate of public transport, and has a long term interest, as well as a business background, in water conservation and quality. He has led, and been a part of many environmental campaigns on both a local and national level, including campaigns to preserve native forest, prevent landfills, and contain urban sprawl. He is leading a number of strategies across his portfolio, including environmental programmes, biodiversity protection, and Auckland Council’s own internal sustainability.

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