Sutanto Soehodho

印尼 雅加达市 工业、贸易&交通部门 副主管

Professor Sutanto Soehodho specializes in the field of Transport Modeling. He leads the peer group in the field of Transport and Chairman of the Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) in the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Indonesia. Besides being active as a researcher in the field of transportation, he is also active as Chairman of the Jakarta Transportation Council (DTK-J), and Vice Chairman of the Association for Indonesian Road Developers (HPJI). He also pioneered the establishment of various professional associations, such as the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI). He had previously worked as the Director of Development and Distribution on a national cement manufacturing company, the CEO of a toll road investing company, as well as a transportation consultant. Together with CTS, he carried many studies, one resulting in the establishment of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), also known as “Busway,” in Jakarta. Prof. Soehodho started as a teaching assistant in the University of Indonesia, his alma mater, in 1986. He has lectured in various subjects such as Transport Network, Transport Modeling, Public Transport Operations, Demand Analysis, and Transport Planning in Civil Engineering, both for undergraduate classes and post-graduate classes. He also briefly taught at the Faculty of Computer Science on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, at the Faculty of Economics on Urban Economics, and Faculty Social Science on Strategic Management. Prof. Soehodho’s research has also been published nationally and internationally. His researches cover the fields of transport networks, demand analysis, policy and economics, public transport, and so forth. He is also working on book titled Transport Network Modeling, Transportation Planning and Dynamic Transport Modeling.  He was appointed by the Governor of Jakarta as the Deputy Governor of Industry, Trade, and Transportation in 2009, and has been serving since then.

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